The CPGB Team has published many articles related to chronic Flood and Erosion issue of the Brahmaputra in different forums. In addition to that, Dr. Phukan, President and Founder of CPGB has participated as a "Key Note" speaker on many meetings organized by various agencies for the last six years. Members of CPGB organization may access to these resources to expand their knowledge on the subject.

We're working on making those artiles available directly on the website.

In future, we'd also like to have CPGB members contribute to grow this archive.

Below are some resources currently available:

TV Interview (3 Parts)

TV Interview of DR Arvind Phukan (Chairman, CPGB) on “the Flood and Erosion Problem in Majuli”

Article on “River Bank Erosion and Restoration in the Brahmaputra River in India”
Presentation on “Sustainable Design Solutions for Mitigation of Flooding and Erosion of River Bank in Majuli island of Brahmaputra”